Uni and BidirectionalUni and Bidirectional

Modern unidirectional video links rely on DVB-T digital transmission to send a single digital video stream from an aircraft to a ground station. Each transmission channel requires 8MHz bandwidth. Typical transmitters first "encode" the video signal using an MPEG2 or MPEG4 video encoder. "One-way" audio and data can also be added. To minimize errors in the transmission, forward error correction is used to send extra coded data to the ground receiver to improve recovery of any partially corrupted transmissions. In addition many of Troll's customers encrypt their data prior to transmission to prevent unwanted reception by unauthorized users.

Today we all expect real-time data and video streamed on-demand to everything from our hand-held devices to our desktop. Bidirectional data link radios operate as an Ethernet gateway between the air and ground systems. Data, including "video over IP" can be routed between the aircraft and ground system the same as any node on a network. It stands to reason that aircraft operations would greatly benefit from a transparent data link where the operators (and sensors) on the aircraft can remain connected to their command center with a fully bidirectional data link. It would be as if a network cable was routed to the aircraft. Both forward error correction and "hand-shaking" can be employed for data reliability. Data can also be encrypted prior to transmission to prevent eavesdropping.
Troll Systems
Specializes in multi-band, directional data links for long-range ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) from airborne, land and maritime vehicles. Configurations are typically designed to provide secure IP transport streams for real-time decoding on a network or in near-real-time to managed smart devices via the cloud.


featured 1 SkyLink MINI SSkyLink MINI S has become the proven standard for maximizing signal range, reliability, and robustness. MINI S supports long-range, bidirectional radio solutions.

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featured 2 LinkBox 6000Provides Bidirectional IP data encoding, transmission, and reception while serving as a Ethernet switch and payload controller onboard the aircraft

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Mobile Ground
Data Terminals

featured 3 MT 300 AntennaUltra-High-gain antennas capable of long-range bidirectional tracking UHF to KU.

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