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Microwave Transmit and Receive Site Remote Controller - S6000

An IP-Based Remote Controller for Microwave Tracking, Transmit and Receive Antenna Sites

The S6000 is designed as the replacement for Troll's BAS era S750 and S350 remote controllers. The S6000 is a completely modern remote controller that can interface with legacy remote site infrastructure and provides a direct Ethernet or serial interface to Troll's latest diversity and tracking antenna products.

The S6000 provides an intuitive touchscreen Graphic User Interface (GUI) designed to provide more information, improved automation, diagnostics and test.

The S6000 is an IP-based controller that features a local touchscreen monitor, outputs for HDMI or composite video. An eight-port Ethernet switch is included to connect external receivers, transmitters, switchers and many other digital devices commonly found at remote antenna sites.

  • Most advanced remote-site controller available
  • Highly expandable
  • Control multiple devices over Ethernet
  • Spectrum viewer options
  • Support for multi-channel diversity antenna sites
  • Numerous communications options
  • Controller for multiple antennas

To add customer specific functionality Troll provides ConTroll-PACs. A ConTroll- PAC is a hardware and/or software package designed to remotely control additional digital devices at individual antenna sites. In the past, ConTroll-Pacs have been used to control third-party transmitters, encoders, decoders, encryption, decryption, spectrum viewers, switchers and routers commonly found at remote antenna sites. This enables customers with legacy equipment to integrate these and other digital devices using Troll's proven communication architecture that includes built-in monitoring, diagnostics and test.

The S6000 provides advanced communications options: Ethernet, serial, dial-up as well as legacy 2 wire and 4 wire circuits if necessary.

Like all Troll equipment, the S6000 was designed to be rugged and reliable for years of service in adverse environments. Careful attention to design and manufacture assure performance and reliability, especially in highly saturated RF environments that are common to remote ENG and XNG facilities.


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