TouchStarTouchStar Dell TouchStar ComputerDell TouchStar Computer

TouchStar ™ MC17 - Studio Master Controller

2016 TouchStar Software and Hardware Upgrade Package Announced:

  • M3007 TouchStar rack mounted computer with current software
  • Updated GUI
  • Latest support configuration tools
  • System validation and testing
  • Two year software support and hardware warranty
  • Forward compatible with web-based applications when available
  • Two year license for remote maintenance (remote desktop support)
  • Reconfiguration and integration of existing customer panels, including engineering support to review and rearrange GUI screens to meet current operational objectives on up to five remote devices

The TouchStar™ software has the ability to control a variety of devices at geographically diverse locations. It integrates all of the necessary functions onto one panel allowing the operator full control of local and remote devices,regardless of their location. The system provides a seamless transition from one device to the next by providing a common interface regardless of the equipment manufacturer or vintage of the system.

The TouchStar software can be used to control:

  • Video switchers
  • Routers
  • Microwave transmitters
  • Microwave receivers and various on-site equipment
  • Any equipment with serial or discreet remote interfaces
  • The highly configurable, intuitive TouchStar software touchscreen interface allows the operator to control microwave and remote camera systems, Troll DMR receivers, and remote site controller
  • Controlling equipment located at multiple locations with ease
  • Navigating from one receive site to the next with the click of a button
  • Providing full function access and remote control of cameras and microwave receive site equipment
  • Control antenna systems, receivers, digital decoders, transmitters, video switchers, routers and other serial or parallel devices
  • Track moving vehicles on a street-level map in real time
  • View real-time video from each site
  • Operators can place receive sites, vans, trucks, and helicopters on the map to view their location


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