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Directional Sector Antenna
Reception on up to three frequency bands simultaneously

The A1 is a ground sector antenna designed to provide approximately 60° of coverage. The A1 is lightweight and easy to mount on buildings or the side of a tower. The A1 is designed to be installed around a structure to create an overlapping high-gain reception system. Multiple A1s can be used to form a 360° diversity antenna system capable of up to 15dBi of gain in any one direction when positioned correctly.

The A1 can be purchased in either single or multi-band versions. It incorporates a high-performance down-converter that has exceptional selectivity and noise figure characteristics. This enables the A1 provide a UHF output regardless of the input frequency. Power for the A1 is provided through coaxial cable that connects the antenna to the diversity receiver. The output of each antenna is fed into Troll Systems' packet diversity networking products that are designed to perform all the packet switching, decoding, transcoding and routing. Troll's new DMR series receivers provide two to eight antenna inputs that can be deployed individually or daisy chained together to increase the number of unique data streams the A1 can receive.

  • Lower installation costs
  • Reception on up to three frequency bands simultaneously
  • Packet-based IP distribution
  • 1.4GHz to 7.1 GHz down-converted to UHF Band
  • Ethernet backhaul capability


Antenna Characteristics Low L Band High L Band S Band Lower C Upper C
Type: Dual Can Dual Slot Dual Slot Quad Slot Quad Slot
Mid-Band: 1.4-1.5 GHz 1.7-1.9 GHz 2-2.5 GHz 4.4-5.0 GHz 6.4-7.1 GHz
Beamwidth: 65°AZ/35°EL 63°AZ / 33°EL 60°AZ / 30°EL 63°AZ/14°EL 60°AZ/12°EL
Antenna Gain: 11 dBi 12 dBi 13 dBi 14 dBi 15 dBi
Polarization: Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical Vertical


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