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Skylink Mini S Tracking Antenna Optimized for L and S Bands

The SkyLink Mini S follows on the success of the original SkyLink Mini. With a minimal increase in size, weight and power, the Mini S provides a substantial increase in gain in L band and S bands versus Troll's Mini II.

The Mini S, provides exceptional long-range performance and like all of Troll's directional antennas relies on multi-axis, continuously steered positioning to maintain signal lock. This auto-tracking feature allows the Mini S to focus all its signal energy into narrow beams, thereby increasing received signal level, and minimizing the possibility of interference that frequently plague omni antennas. The SkyLink Mini S features improvements that dramatically reduce the cost of installation and operation. The Mini S incorporates an inertial     navigation system (INS). Its internal INS enables the Mini S to self-calibrate and provide location, position and heading data eliminating the need to install external gyros or magnetometers. The Mini S always knows where it is and does not need GPS data from the aircraft or ground vehicle to establish a link or maintain signal lock.


featured 1 SkyLink MINI SSkyLink MINI S has become the proven standard for maximizing signal range, reliability, and robustness. MINI S supports long-range, bidirectional radio solutions.

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