PAS Aerostat TrailerPAS Aerostat Trailer PAS Aerostat Control PanelPAS Aerostat Control Panel

The only tactical aerostat system in the world with onboard helium recovery and purification.

  • Fully Self-Contained Aerostat Launch Vehicle
  • Tactically Mobile (can be relocated while fully inflated)
  • Remote Control of Cameras, Sensors and RF Equipment
  • 75lbs (34kg) Payload Capacity
  • Only 4 Person Crew Required
  • RF Communications and Repeater Options

Troll's long endurance Aerostat system is designed to receive, monitor, record and transmit HD video, voice and data to the limits of Line of Sight (LOS).  

Real-time video and data is transmitted and received over a secure high-speed data link in multiple frequencies from 300 Mhz to 15 GHz. The payload can be customized to support a variety of sensors, microwave repeater and control options to fufill unique mission requirements.  

The balloon system includes a multi-sensor camera, intuitive touchscreen control software, transmission and reception system for audio, video and data. The imagery can be controlled, recorded and viewed from the launcher, via a wireless link to a distance of up to 25 miles or at a command center anywhere in the world.


featured 1 SkyLink MINI SSkyLink MINI S has become the proven standard for maximizing signal range, reliability, and robustness. MINI S supports long-range, bidirectional radio solutions.

» SkyLink MINI S


featured 2 LinkBox 6000Provides Bidirectional IP data encoding, transmission, and reception while serving as a Ethernet switch and payload controller onboard the aircraft

» LinkBox 6000

Mobile Ground
Data Terminals

featured 3 MT 300 AntennaUltra-High-gain antennas capable of long-range bidirectional tracking UHF to KU.

 » MT-300