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Directional Diversity Tracking Antennas
Multi-Band, High-Gain Tracking Antenna and Medium-Gain RF Diversity Antenna Array

Troll Systems' A600 microwave ground receive system is a convenient, fully self- contained, auto- tracking HD video and data transmit and receive system. Controlled from any remote location, the A600 automatically tracks airborne and mobile RF transmissions, at long range, in rural or dense multi-path environments.   

  • Designed for fixed or tripod mounted tactical applications
  • Minimal Operator intervention required, simply select your receive channel and confirm selection
  • Robust, multi-path immune, long range (up to 315 km) antenna system

The first of its kind
This ground-breaking antenna system is designed to identify and evaluate both direct and reflected RF signal quality by utilizing five onboard diversity antennas and a self-aligning, high-gain directional antenna. When the A600 recognizes the signal with the highest quality the rotating high-gain antenna is automatically repositioned to ensure the best possible reception. As the signal source moves away the system continuously adjusts the rotating high-gain antenna to seek out and maintain the best possible signal reception. This patented process enables the A600 to out-perform all other receive site solutions.

The A600 form factor is designed to be customized:

  • Two to eight-channel COFDM DVB-T or other waveforms
  • Two to eight configurable diversity antennas
  • High-gain directional antenna with long-range diversity tracking capability
  • Multi-frequency, multi-band capable
  • Fully automated signal tracking software
  • Networked IP ground control system
  • Automated air and ground antenna calibration
  • Automated (fly-by) air-to-ground signal acquisition
  • Automated signal tracking
  • Push-button signal lock
  • Easy operator modes, simple to deploy and easy to maintain
  • Increased accuracy for fast moving land, sea and air vehicles
  • Azimuth and elevation steering available

The A600's ability to automate the operation of your receive site minimizes training requirements while improving receive site performance. This feature enables users to concentrate on video content rather than RF capture, virtually eliminating the need for costly microwave experts that are normally needed to manage microwave operations. Troll's diversity tracking product line includes fixed and mobile receive sites in many variations.

Long-Range, Multi-feed RF Tracking
Awarded US Patent Number #9,035,839 B2 May 19, 2015
Multi-Feed Ddiversity Receive System and Method


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